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why you should buy indonesian coffee

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Indonesian Coffee

Indonesian coffee has been gaining global recognition for its unique flavors and diverse profiles, making it a favorite among coffee lovers. As coffee enthusiasts around the world increase, here are

What is Civet Coffee Adulteration?

Coffee lovers love to splurge on expensive coffee, and following the lucrative demand in the coffee market, unreliable coffee suppliers are now committing fraud in the name of good net


The future of robusta coffee varieties is bright as the demand for premium-grade commercial coffee beans increases. Today, the robusta coffee variety is gradually transforming its reputation from low-grade commercial coffee to premium-grade commercial coffee. Top coffee-producer countries like Indonesia have begun to grow this resilient coffee variety in nearly the same way as top-notch arabica coffee varieties.

Fruit-Tasting Coffee


As a coffee lover, you’re probably familiar with the diverse range of flavors produced by specialty coffee beans like Indonesian Sumatra Gayo coffee. There are a lot of flavor notes

Image of Indonesian green beans coffee


Indonesia, a land of sought-after commodities across the globe. Throughout the year, Indonesian coffee beans are famous for its top-notch quality and unique flavor profiles. Each Indonesian region produces its specialty coffee bean varieties, with different unique tasting notes and aroma profiles from chocolatey to earthy. No wonder why Indonesian coffee beans are highly prized among coffee enthusiasts, from coffee suppliers to coffee aficionados.

Image of green beans coffee shipping process

How to Choose the Best Coffee Supplier for Your Business

Are you looking for a coffee supplier for your cafe, restaurant, or office? With so many options available, it can be difficult to determine which supplier will best meet your needs. There’s a rule of thumb in choosing the right coffee supplier: It goes beyond just ‘choose.’

Image of Indonesian green beans coffee quality check

A Guide to Check Damaged Coffee Beans

As a coffee shop owner, you’ll do anything just to serve cups of freshly brewed coffee, starting with selectively picking the coffee varieties from your regular coffee supplier to manually brewing the coffee beans. From roasted or unroasted coffee, arabica or robusta, Indonesian coffee beans, and even animal-poop coffee (yes, that Kopi Luwak coffee), there are endless varieties of coffee beans that are worth adding to the menu. But the coffee bean types shouldn’t be your only main concern.

luwak coffee production

Behind Luwak Coffee Production

Would you drink coffee made from animal poop? No, no, you heard it right. They truly exist and it ranks as the world’s most exclusive and expensive coffee. The term ‘civet coffee’ actually stands for the production method, not a coffee bean variety. Civet poop coffee is processed from the Indonesian wild civet cat’s poop.

quality coffee beans

Sumatra Coffee Global Supply Chain 2022

Indonesian Sumatra coffee exports are forecasted to grow in the global supply chain as the production of Indonesian Sumatra coffee is expected to increase by 7% from the previous year.


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