Over the past 20 years, we have strived to build solid expertise in Indonesian coffee bean export. Through our BYOC (Build Your Own Container) system, we make it more accessible to import green coffee beans and fulfill the constant demand for a diverse range of Indonesian green coffee beans.

Now, try our BYOC system and import green coffee beans directly from Indonesia with confidence!

Container 20ft (Min 18 M/T Max 19 M/T)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the measurement for green coffee beans inside a 20 F/T container?

Based on 20 F/T-sized containers, you can mix various green coffee beans in our catalog to a maximum of 19.200 KGs, with each bag can carry 60 KGs of green coffee beans.

How long does overseas shipping take?

The shipping duration may vary depending on your location. You can expect to receive your containers within 30-45 days. Important to mention, this estimated time might adjust depending on the shipping party’s policy and circumstances.

Can I arrange my own shipping?

Yes, feel free to partner with your regular shipping company. However, it is highly recommended to partner with a shipping company that understands a country-specific procedure and local regulations to avoid delays. As a reliable coffee supplier, we offer full assistance in dispatching your green coffee beans.

What if I do not have a permit to import green coffee beans?

Our top-notch service ensures you in dealing with export-import issues. We are capable of clearing all kinds of permits to import green coffee beans, from USDA permits to other required permits. However, additional service charges will be calculated for this service.

What should I do after receiving my order?

First, thoroughly examine your green coffee beans. In case undesirable damages during the shipping process impact the quality of green coffee beans, claim your loss to us. Learn more about our claim policy for green coffee beans.