Kopi Luwak Coffee Beans Vs. Commercial Coffee Beans

Kopi Luwak Coffee Vs. Commercial Coffee

As a coffee lover with sensitive stomach problems, choosing the right coffee beans for daily consumption can be daunting. One type turns to make your heart jitter, while the other one makes you feel nauseous all day long. You might try consuming a long list of commercial Arabica and Robusta coffee promoted by your coffee suppliers, but it doesn’t work. The strong taste, high acidity, and caffeine level are still beyond your expectation.

If that’s the case, maybe decaffeinated coffee like Kopi Luwak coffee or civet cat coffee is all you’re looking for in a cup of coffee; smoother taste with the same energy booster effect. Learn more about Kopi Luwak coffee vs. commercial coffee in this blog.

Kopi Luwak Coffee Vs. Commercial Coffee – What’s the Difference?

For a sensitive-stomach coffee lover, consuming commercial Arabica and Robusta coffee doesn’t always give sufficient energy as expected. The urgency to use the toilet frequently caused by a bloated stomach and nauseous feelings keep high. Furthermore, the situation might get worse when your sleeping time comes. You just end up staring at the ceiling, staying awake all night long while feeling jittery and even heartburn.

Fortunately, things wouldn’t be the same with decaffeinated coffee like civet cat coffee. Thanks to the low acidity content and the chemical compounds in Kopi Luwak coffee beans, now you’re able to drink coffee without feeling jittery or any other undesirable effects. Unlike regular commercial coffee, decaffeinated coffee like coffee Luwak is far smoother for your digestive system.

Civet cat coffee beans possess the highest citric acid, mandelic acid, and inositol content compared to any other coffee bean types. The citric acid and mandelic acid turn Kopi Luwak coffee beans to taste smoother with the same long-lasting energy booster just like the regular commercial coffee beans. Other than that, the inositol content plays a role as the all-natural sweetener in civet cat coffee beans.

Despite the words ‘chemical compounds,’ it won’t give you negative impacts. Instead, that’s what makes the Kopi Luwak coffee less acidic since the chemical compounds are naturally occurring and not synthetically made. For this reason, civet cat coffee is considered a perfect match for those who control their sugar intake and people who are on an alkaline diet (a diet method that controls the Ph levels of food).

How Coffee Luwak Gets Less Acidity & Less Caffeine?

If you want a quick answer to this question, it’s because of the natural enzymes in the Asian palm civet’s digestive system. But if you’re expecting a long explanation of how coffee Luwak turns into decaffeinated coffee, it starts from the coffee plantation. In our Kopi Luwak coffee production, the civets consume Arabica coffee beans within our coffee plantation area. Most of the time, it’s our Gayo Sumatra green coffee beans

When talking about the green coffee beans consumed by the civets, the acidity level of Arabica coffee beans is known to be higher than Robusta. On the flip side, Arabica coffee beans possess a lower caffeine level than Robusta coffee beans. Arabica coffee beans’ caffeine levels are regularly no more than 1.9%, compared to Robusta’s 2.5%. Now, you know why consuming your regular commercial Arabica and Robusta coffee costs you sleep problems.

Fortunately, the natural enzymes in the civet’s intestines help to drastically drop the acidity level by replacing the bad acid with the good acid (which is good news for sensitive-stomach coffee lovers!). When civets digest the Arabica coffee beans, their digestive systems alter the Arabica coffee beans to low acidity and low caffeine (to only 1.7%). Turn the partially digested coffee beans into decaffeinated coffee Luwak with low bitterness and a unique taste profile.

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Wholesale Coffee Supplier for Indonesian Coffee Beans

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If you are a coffee lover with a sensitive stomach, it is highly recommended to replace your regular coffee with the naturally decaffeinated one. The natural decaffeination process allows you to reduce the undesirable after-consumption effects. For this reason, a pleasant coffee experience can be enjoyed through a cup of civet coffee.

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