Roasted Kopi Luwak Coffee

What is Kopi Luwak coffee?

One of the most expensive and rare coffees in the world. ‘Asian palm civet coffee,’ the legendary Civet Cat Coffee, is highly prized as the most precious coffee that derives its flavor complexity from a natural fermentation process.

The Asian Palm civet cats eat the coffee cherries in the coffee plantations along with other tropical fruits. Afterward, it is digested together inside the Asian Palm Civet cats’ digestive tracts. These beans yield exotic flavors with much less bitterness, widely noted as one the most luxurious and expensive coffees in the world. Luscious caramel flavors dominate this rich, smooth, and earthy cat poop coffee. For this reason, we called the coffee as civet cat coffee or Kopi Luwak coffee. 

Today, civet coffee gets a reputation as the sought-after coffee among coffee lovers in the coffee industry. 

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The choice is yours whether you prefer strong-tasting or light-tasting coffee. Learn more about these brewing methods and how it makes differences in a cup of your civet cat coffee. Click on the individual pages below.

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Civet cat coffee has a natural source of malic acid, citric acid, and inositol. It holds less caffeine content and low acidity compared to commercial coffee products. Simply put, our wild Luwak coffee will not give you caffeine jitters and heartburn after-consumption effects.

Learn more about things that make coffee Luwak healthier than commercial coffee through our blog.

Our farmers manually collected the civet’s droppings and cleaned it with natural Gayo mountain fresh water. Afterwards, they sun-dried, de-pulping the coffee cherries, and roasted the coffee beans.

The uncommon way to produce civet cat coffee is one of the factors behind its expensive price. The coffee beans are naturally defecated through the Asian palm civet’s digestive system. Its uniqueness turns Luwak coffee into a sought-after coffee in the coffee market, so the supply and demand contribute to raising the price. Another factor is the time-consuming process of manually collecting the Asian palm civets’ droppings.

Everybody talks about coffee these days. Not only the coffee snobs in the coffee shops, but the character in the movie as well. Guess what? One of the well known movies called “The Bucket List” has substantially boosted the popularity of the civet cat coffee. The joke over cat poop coffee keeps spreading and hyped up the coffee throughout the market. As it is widely spread throughout the world, luxury coffee shop owners started to carry the product to satisfy their coffee lovers!

Civet cat coffee is roasted at a medium-dark roasting profile. At this level, the acidity content in the civet coffee beans is altered and full-bodied coffee is formed.

Wild civets consume the common green beans coffee variety grown in our coffee plantation, Gayo Sumatra arabica. For this reason, our wild Luwak coffee beans resemble the characteristics of Gayo Sumatra arabica coffee. It reveals an earthy flavor profile, low acidity, and smooth aftertaste.

We sell our Luwak coffee products at $35.53 per pack, both for roasted coffee beans and ground Luwak coffee. Each pack contains 250 grams of coffee beans or ground coffee.

Based on Jacobs, H (2018) on Insider, civet cat coffee is offered at $35 to $100 per cup. Its costly price turns most coffee lovers to purchase ground coffee Luwak or Asian palm civet cat coffee beans and brew it themselves.

Civet cat coffee is exceptionally safe to consume. The civets’ droppings undergo a cleaning and roasting process that sterilizes the coffee beans. 

The taste relies on the Asian palm civet’s diet. Asian palm civets consume coffee cherries along with fruits, so each batch produces different exotic flavors. Most of the time, it has sweet caramel and earthy flavor notes.

Indonesian Asian palm civet coffee is considered the best civet coffee across the globe. In Indonesia, Asian palm civets live around single-origin coffee plantations and consume the coffee cherries there. So it can be said that most Indonesian civet cat coffee comes from top-notch single-origin coffee varieties. For this reason, it presents unique flavors from a blend of single-origin coffee varieties and civet coffee’s flavor characteristics.

If you are a beginner coffee maker, you can consider the Aeropress or V60 brewing method when brewing Kopi Luwak coffee at home. It is because the tools are relatively easy to use. These methods are also capable of presenting clean-tasting, less bitter, and flavorful civet cat coffee.

You can purchase Luwak coffee from direct-trade coffee suppliers. Typically, they sell Asian palm civet cat coffee through their online shops. Make sure you purchase Luwak coffee only from the country of origin or a verified well-known coffee supplier like us.

At wallacea Coffee, our Luwak coffee sourced from wild Luwak coffee and it has been certified by Gayo Coffee Protection Society Foundation.


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