Indonesian Sumatra coffee exports are forecasted to grow in the global supply chain as the production of Indonesian Sumatra coffee is expected to increase by 7% from the previous year. Indonesian Sumatra coffee total production is estimated to reach 11.35 million coffee bags due to the suitable weather throughout the coffee beans’ plantation period in early 2022. 

Sumatra Gayo Arabica and Robusta green coffee beans have been vital Indonesian commodities in global trade. The updates about Sumatra coffee become popular as the demand for Sumatra green coffee beans in bulk in the worldwide supply chain gradually increases over time.

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Sumatra Coffee Global Exportation 2022

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It’s forecasted that there will be no significant replanting programs this year in Indonesia as the most prominent coffee supplier of Sumatra Gayo Arabica and Robusta green coffee beans. The low index of the replanting program indicates the high possibility of this year’s positive growth in the total export volume of Sumatra green coffee beans.

Further, the global export demand for Sumatra green coffee beans is reported to improve after the COVID-19 export and import restrictions decreased. Indonesian coffee suppliers are forecasted to export 6.5 million bags of coffee beans this year. A growth compared to the previous year’s 6.3 million bags. Resulting in the increased prices of Sumatra Gayo Arabica and Robusta green coffee beans. 

The latest data in early 2022 shows that the price of Sumatra Gayo Arabica green coffee beans reaches USD 23.37 on average, while Robusta green coffee beans at USD 7.24 on average. A significant increase compared to next year’s early 2021 at USD 12.93 for Sumatra Gayo Arabica coffee beans and USD 4.12 for Sumatra Robusta coffee beans.

The top destination countries of Sumatra coffee beans include the U.S., which accounted for 15%, Egypt at 13%, and Malaysia, as much as 8% of the total Indonesian exports. Other than the top 3 countries, six other major importer countries have increased their Sumatra beans coffee demand from 2021. India, Japan, Italy, Spain, Belgium, and Georgia have raised their export demand with a minimum of 13.000 m/t Sumatra coffee beans exported.

The Success of the Sumatra GREEN Coffee BEANS in the U.S Market in 2022

U.S. total import volume of Indonesian green coffee beans has risen to 57.000 m/t from the previous year’s 53.000 m/t. As the most contribution in Indonesian coffee production is made up from Sumatra regions, Sumatra green coffee beans made a substantial contribution to this number. 
Today, 66% of Americans drink coffee on a daily basis, which contributes to increasing the demand for coffee beans in the global supply chain. Sumatra coffee beans’ flavor profile taste matches the U.S. needs in the way it succeeds in expanding the demand throughout the U.S. coffee market. Further, the prices have been reported to rise continuously since April 2021 following the increased demand. Mainly for Sumatra Gayo arabica green coffee beans.

Specialty and High-Quality Sumatra Coffee Supplier In the U.S

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The price volatility of Indonesian green coffee beans has pushed global coffee buyers to develop purchasing strategies. Most of the time, they independently import green coffee beans in bulk from a direct-trade coffee supplier. This allows the buyers to secure the supply of green coffee beans and get the lowest price at the same time. 

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