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Wallacea coffee is one of the biggest Indonesian coffee suppliers. We committed to making Indonesian specialty coffee accessible worldwide by sourcing the coffee beans directly from the source, Indonesia. We offer a diverse selection of Indonesian coffee variants and custom roast grades. Allows you to customize according to your business needs and requirements.

Since our establishment in 2018, we’re not limiting ourselves to only introducing you to great-tasting coffee. We are fully aware of the responsibility of our coffee production. Furthermore, we strive to build a sustainable business between our farmers and our customers.

At Wallacea Coffee, we place the highest value on ethical sourcing with our forefront; the farmers. We empower them by standing on an equal footing, uniting to build a long-term partnership, and serving as their dependable partner. In executing our mission, we are partnering with PT. Jaffarindo International Indonesia that has been in the coffee industry for 24 Years. Today, our strong partnership with the farmers ensures us to continuously serve the highest quality Indonesian coffee beans.

In shipping your bulk orders, we are distributing via DHL for overseas shipments. Through our company’s regulations, we ensure to fulfill the government standards and other related requirements. Our coffee beans are certified with COO (Certificate of Origin), COA (Certificate of analysis), ETK (Eksportir Terdaftar Kopi or Coffee Registered Exporter), and phytosanitary certified for the green coffee beans.

Furthermore, we offer transparency in the shipping process to avoid undesirable delays. We make ordering easy. Now you’re able to independently check the shipping process with our trackable notification systems anytime, anywhere.

For us, sales and customer service continue after your first shipment. We allow you to claim compensation through our return and replacement policy to guarantee undesirable damages during the shipping process. Feel free to reach us for solutions.

Try our specialty coffee beans today. We’ll be happy to send you samples, so you have a chance to find something that fits your business. Send us your subscription to receive your coffee on specific dates; weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Reach us by email at [email protected]

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Build Your Own Container (BYOC) of Green Coffee Beans

Interested in mixing your container with other variety coffee? introducing our (Build Your Own Container) tool. You can now fulfill the space of the container with diverse range of Indonesian green coffee beans.

Container 20ft (Min 18 M/T Max 19 M/T)

Image of green beans coffee container
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Frequently Asked Questions

Based on 20 F/T-sized containers, you can mix up green coffee bean types to a maximum of 19.200 KGs, with each bag can carry 60 KGs of coffee beans.

The shipping duration may vary depending on your location. You can expect to receive your containers within 30-45 days. Important to mention, this estimated time might adjust depending on the shipping party’s policy and circumstances.

Yes, feel free to partner with your regular shipping company. However, it’s highly recommended to partner with a shipping company that understands a country-specific procedure and local regulations to avoid delays. As a reliable coffee supplier, we offer full assistance in dispatching your green coffee beans purchase.

Our top-notch service ensures you in dealing with export-import issues. We’re capable of clearing all kinds of permits to import green coffee beans, from USDA permits to other required permits. However, additional service charges will be calculated for this service.

First, thoroughly examine your green coffee beans. In case undesirable damages during the shipping process impact the quality of green coffee beans, claim your loss to us. Learn more about our claim policy for green beans coffee.


Purchase authentic Kopi Luwak Coffee & Green Coffee Beans directly from the source.

If you have served your customer with high-quality Indonesian coffee beans previously, it’s time to Import green coffee beans directly from the source with a top coffee supplier. Our Indonesian green coffee beans are freshly harvested, hand-picked, and fairly traded. Stop, it is not only Sumatra coffee beans. We have our best-selling green coffee beans sourced directly from Ijen Blue Mountain, east java. Start, save, and experience the best coffee tasting with us now!

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