Robusta Coffee Grades: Differences Explained – A Guide When Buying Green Coffee Beans in Bulk

robusta coffee grades

When it comes to the trade of green coffee beans, there are countless grades offered by your coffee supplier. From mixture coffee beans to SCR 18 coffee beans, what do these terms stand for? With so many options available, you have a higher chance of finding the green coffee beans that match your standard. 

If you are picky about the quality of green coffee beans you buy, it is wise to pay attention to both the terms and grades. Let’s learn more about the difference between various Robusta coffee bean grades through this article!

Robusta GR4 EK1 Green Coffee Beans

When importing green coffee beans from your coffee supplier, there is a high chance you spot Robusta GR4 EK1 in the product catalog. So what does it mean? In short, EK1 is a Dutch term to describe the quality of green coffee beans that stands for “Eerst Kwalitet”  or “First quality” (International Coffee Organization, n.d.). However, EK1 coffee is also further classified in grades. So the quality is not only linked to the term EK1, but the grades as well. 

For instance, Robusta GR4 EK1 means that the grade 4 of the first-quality coffee. ICO describes that there are 2 types of grade 4 that are distinguished by the total coffee defects:

  1. Grade 4A: Total defect between 45 to 60.
  2. Grade 4B: Total defect between 61 to 80.

Most of the time, the screen size ranges from 15 to 17 with the moisture content less than 13%.

Robusta G1 Mixture of 15-18 Green Coffee Beans

Other than Robusta GR4 EK1 green coffee beans, you might also be familiar with Robusta G1 Mixture of 15-18 green coffee beans. Based on the ICO, G1 is a Grade 1 coffee bean with a total value of defects maximum of 11. 

Coffee beans have different densities and sizes, which is why many countries classify green coffee beans with a screen size sorting system. The result is typically revealed in numbers such as 8 to 20 with details as follows:

  1. 8 to 13 inches: Shells or outer layer of coffee cherries. 
  2. 14 inches: Small.
  3. 15 to 16 inches: Medium.
  4. 17 to 18.5 inches: Large
  5. 19 to 20 inches: Very large.

Based on this reason, Robusta G1 Mixture 15-18 means that it is a blend of different screen sizes which are made up of medium-size and large-size green coffee beans.

Robusta G1 SCR 16 & Robusta G1 SCR 18 Green Coffee Beans

Last but not least, you might also often spot Robusta coffee with the “SCR” term followed by number codes on the name. Well… SCR is a term that stands for “screen sizes” or “coffee bean sizes.” To find out the size, the green coffee beans are sifted through the sifter with a diameter that matches the size. So in short, SCR 16 means 16-inches green coffee beans, while SCR 18 means 18-inches green coffee beans. 

Just like the other coffees, G1 stands for Grade 1. Based on this reason, this product means grade 1 coffee with bean sizes of 16 and 18 inches. 

Where to Buy Premium Indonesian Robusta Green Coffee Beans Directly from the Source? – A Direct-Trade Coffee Supplier

After knowing the difference between each Robusta coffee grade, the final choice comes down to your needs. To find Robusta green coffee beans that match your standard, it is highly recommended to partner with a coffee supplier that is able to provide you with a diverse range of green coffee bean types. 

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