Shipping Process for Kopi Luwak Coffee

shipping policy for kopi luwak coffee

After placing your order, your Luwak coffee beans will be processed immediately. The whole process of preparing your Luwak coffee beans order will take approximately 1-2 days (excluding Indonesian public holidays). To make it clear, this estimation has nothing to do with stock availability. Instead, it’s the estimated time required for the additional quality control and packaging process before dispatch.

To minimize the loss of your damaged Luwak coffee beans order, you can submit your claim after thoroughly understanding our return and replacement policy (Kopi Luwak coffee) or claim policy for green coffee beans. Before finalizing your payment, please recheck your Kopi Luwak coffee beans’ order form or the agreed price on your quote request for green coffee beans. No cancellation is allowed after your order has been placed in our system.

The shipping process starts once you finalized the payment process. For our roasted civet cat coffee beans, the payment can be processed instantly through your PayPal account or credit card. The final cost for the civet coffee order will be calculated based on the region (free shipping in North America & Indonesia).

Last but not least, we’re providing you with a tracking number to enable you to self-track your civet coffee order through our freight partner’s platform. Within 14 days of shipping estimation, you can expect to receive your Kopi Luwak coffee. However, this estimation might change depending on the shipping party’s policy and condition. We will wholeheartedly answer your questions regarding the shipment of civet cat coffee. Reach us at [email protected] for more information.


shipping policy for green coffee beans

After placing your green coffee beans order through our BYOC (Build Your Own Container) system, you can proceed to the payment process. We offer flexible payment terms that can be discussed on a case-by-case basis. The choices include wire transfer, L/C (Letter of Credit), and other custom payment terms. We don’t accept credit payments.

In shipping green coffee beans by container, we fully assist you with export-import compliances and other logistics requirements. Our expert team is trained to clear all export-import permits, handle country-specific procedures, local regulations, and all customs requirements.

After we dispatch your green coffee beans container, you can expect to receive your green coffee beans after 22 to 45 business days. An important thing to note, the estimated shipping time will depend on your location. Our team will work with you to ensure your green coffee beans container arrives in a timely manner.


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