Wild Kopi Luwak Coffee, 250 grams (8.8 oz) (Whole Civet Coffee Beans)

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The world’s most rare and expensive coffee. ‘Asian Palm Civet Coffee Beans,’ the legendary Civet Cat Coffee, is one of the world’s rarest and most precious coffees that derives its complexity from a natural fermentation process.

The coffee cherries are eaten and digested by the Asian Palm Civet cat before being processed further. These beans yield an aromatic coffee with much less bitterness, widely noted as one the most luxurious and expensive coffees in the world. Luscious caramel flavors dominate this rich, smooth, and earthy coffee. For this reason, we called the coffee as civet cat coffee or Kopi Luwak coffee.

Today, the hype of Asian palm civet coffee beans has spread among coffee lovers around the world. Thanks to the easy access to purchase civet coffee through online stores. This easy access has made coffee shop owners capable of offering civet coffee on their menu and regular coffee drinkers to brew Kopi Luwak coffee at home every day.


Now you have a chance to enjoy the most authentic and expensive coffee in the world. These beans are not a fraudulent blend but pure gathered from Asian Palm Civet. We are supported Indonesian government and Gayo Coffee Protection Society Foundation, 100% guaranteed that there is no animal has been ABUSED or HARMED to produce this coffee beans (Please watch our video).


Grown above 1.400 meters, Gayo Arabica coffee has thrived and is consistently rated as one of the best among Indonesia’s many coffee growing regions. Our “Kopi Luwak’ is a combination of one of the best Arabica coffee in the world and legendary natural selection process from Asian Palm Civet. This supreme combination thus creates a luxurious cup of coffee. We have worked closely internal and externally with over 89 locals farmers.

✅ Nutrition

kopi luwak has more malic acid, citric acid and it is full of inositol, which helps the body in numerous ways than any other type of coffee tested.


This coffee is perfect for a person who has a sensitive stomach or caffeine intolerance. The natural enzymes in the civet’s intestines make the beans less acidic and remove some caffeine from the coffee beans. You can now enjoy coffee every day without worrying about having an upset stomach or heart racing or palpitations. This adds to the high aroma, the smooth taste and the low bitterness of Kopi Luwak Coffee.

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Pleasant Coffee Experience with Kopi Luwak Coffee

Our decaffeinated Kopi Luwak coffee is less-caffeine coffee and low in acidity. A perfect fit for people with sensitive stomach issues or caffeine intolerance!

The natural enzymes in the civet’s intestines make the beans less acidic and remove some caffeine from the coffee beans. You can now enjoy coffee every day without worrying about having an upset stomach or heart racing or palpitations. This adds to the high aroma, the smooth taste, and the low bitterness of Kopi Luwak Coffee.


Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg
Roast Level


Cup Characteristic

Luscious caramel and earthy flavor profile with smooth aftertaste.

Growing Altitude

1400 m

Arabica Variety



Thanks to the free-chemicals production process, our civet cat coffee is a natural source of malic acid, citric acid, and inositol. Other than that, our Kopi Luwak coffee holds less caffeine content and low acidity compared to commercial coffee products. Without a doubt, our civet cat coffee provides a pleasant coffee experience for people with caffeine intolerance and sensitive-stomach issues.

Learn more about things that make civet coffee beans stand out and are healthier than commercial coffee through our blog post.

Our farmers manually collected the civet’s droppings, cleaned the civet’s poop with natural Gayo mountain fresh water, sun-dried, de-pulping the coffee cherries, and roasted the coffee beans. Once all production processes are cleared, we pack and distribute the Kopi Luwak coffee to your locations.

Made from wild civets’ droppings, our natural Kopi Luwak coffee beans are not a fraudulent blend with any other roasted coffee beans. No added chemicals and preservatives for our Kopi Luwak coffee. The flavor notes and aroma profiles of our Kopi Luwak coffee are 100% authentic without any modifications required.

We can say that the best part of Kopi Luwak coffee production is when the civets digest the coffee cherries. The unique enzymatic process in the civet’s digestive system helps the coffee beans to alter the caffeine content. This digestive process turns the civet cat coffee to be less acidic, decaffeinated, and smoother-tasting coffee beans.

In our coffee farming, the wild civets consume the coffee cherries of Gayo Sumatra coffee. This variety itself already retains a unique characteristic of specialty coffee in terms of flavor notes and aroma profiles. This makes our Kopi Luwak coffee beans resemble the special characteristics of Gayo Sumatra coffee beside the unique characteristics of civet coffee. 

Learn more about Kopi Luwak coffee production here.

The price of Kopi Luwak coffee is affected by supply and demand. In sustainable coffee farming where all civets are wild, these civets don’t produce precious poop all the time. Due to the fact that coffee cherries are not the only food for the civets. Some days, they just produce poop that doesn’t contain the coffee beans at all. The supply is low, while the demand for wild civet coffee is extremely high. No wonder why the price of civet coffee is so high.

But don’t let this high cost hold you back from trying this special beverage. You still have a chance to get the civet coffee at a cheaper price from your reliable coffee supplier. We’re your dependable source of affordable civet cat coffee. Get the best price for our civet cat coffee through our website or e-commerce today.

Everybody talks about coffee these days. Not only the coffee snobs in the coffee shops, but the character in the movie as well. Guess what? One of the well known movies called “The Bucket List” has substantially boosted the popularity of the civet cat coffee. The joke over cat poop coffee keeps spreading and hyped up the coffee throughout the market. As it is widely spread throughout the world, luxury coffee shop owners started to carry the product to satisfy their coffee lovers!

There are a number of ways to brew a perfect cup of Kopi Luwak coffee, from manually brewed to machine-brewed. For manually-brewed coffee, try Aeropress, V60, or Chemex methods. For more ways, you can try an auto-drip or espresso machine for machine-brewed coffee. 

Whether it’s manually brewed or machine-brewed coffee, our civet cat coffee passes all the brewing methods you choose. Feel free to experiment with our Kopi Luwak coffee!

The popularity of civet cat coffee started around the 19th century in Dutch coffee plantations. At that time, coffee beans were exclusive at the level where Indonesian coffee farmers were prohibited to taste green coffee beans for personal consumption. But, it all changed when the local coffee farmers noticed a new way to taste the coffee without reducing the coffee yields. In despair, they collected the civet poop, cleaned, roasted, and brewed the cleaned beans for themselves. The aroma of brewed civet coffee was caught by the Dutch. They tried and noticed the exceptional taste of civet cat coffee. 

Today, the civet coffee takes on legendary status and becomes one of the sought-after coffee varieties in the world. It’s your time to purchase our civet coffee today and prove what we said previously!

Aside from the civet’s ability to select only high-quality coffee cherries, wild civets consume other fruits. The high-quality green beans coffee and these fruits are digested in the civet’s digestive system. This creates a unique taste that can’t be matched by unsustainable civet coffee farming where the civets are forced to consume the coffee cherries provided by the farmers. 

For this reason, we keep our Kopi Luwak coffee sustainably sourced. This way, we strive to give our customers the best coffee experience through the authentic flavor notes and aroma profile of our civet cat coffee.

Once our expert team is done with the inspection process, the green coffee beans are processed to the roasting step. Our standard for the roasting profile is med-dark. This helps our Kopi Luwak coffee beans to produce a complex flavor note and aroma profile when brewed.

Wild civets consume the common green coffee beans variety grown in our coffee plantation. One says our civet cat coffee is delicious, while one another says our civet cat coffee gives them the best coffee experience. It’s not merely because of the civet’s special enzymatic process, but the coffee variety as well. There’s one special coffee variety that gives its best contribution to make our civet coffee unique, and it’s Gayo Sumatra arabica. Based on the coffee variety consumed by the wild civets, our Kopi Luwak coffee beans reveal an earthy flavor profile, low acidity, and smooth aftertaste. Just like the Gayo Sumatra arabica coffee variety.



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4 reviews for Wild Kopi Luwak Coffee, 250 grams (8.8 oz) (Whole Civet Coffee Beans)

  1. This coffee has such a unique aroma, also has an excellent flavor to it. Definitely worth the premium over other types of coffee. Will buy again.

  2. I have decaf coffee on a daily basis since I have very high coffee intolerance. However, by drinking decaf coffee it’s like having a coffee without the boost of energy. When it comes to Kopi Luwak, don’t have any side effects of the coffee but at the same time bringing me back that energy the same as black coffee! Overall, the problem solved!!!! Really enjoy every sip of this coffee!!!

  3. Good coffee! I will buy it again.

  4. What you ask for in non decaf coffee mixed with a kick of energy while still having a delicious taste! Love it and recommend it to anyone who enjoys non decaf coffee.

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