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why you should buy indonesian coffee

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Indonesian Coffee

Indonesian coffee has been gaining global recognition for its unique flavors and diverse profiles, making it a favorite among coffee lovers. As coffee enthusiasts around the world increase, here are five reasons why you should choose Indonesian coffee as your main coffee supplier!

1. Indonesian Coffee is Rich with Cultural Heritage

Indonesia boasts a rich and diverse coffee culture deeply rooted in its history. It was first introduced by Dutch East Indian Company (VOC)  back in the 17th century. Due to its volcanic soils and suitable microclimate, coffee plants in Indonesia grow abundantly. In the beginning, the plantation was done across the Java island. Hence, Java at that time was so famous for its coffee, and always associated with the “high quality coffee” remarks. Not long after that, coffee beans spread across the other archipelago in Indonesia, such as Sumatera, Bali, and Sulawesi. Later, these coffee types will be known as Arabica coffee.

However, in the late 19th century, there was a coffee leaf rust disease outbreak. This event made almost all of Arabica coffee farming experiencing crop failure. But the VOC came back again to solve the problem, they then introduced another type of coffee: Robusta. It reached its success too, due to its resistance to coffee pest attacks. As a result, Robusta coffee beans then become a competitor for Arabica type on the market in the future.

After Indonesia’s independence from Dutch colonialism in 1945, all coffee plantations were taken over by the government. Coffee then became one of the biggest commodities in this country. From Central Aceh, North Sumatera, Lampung, Bali, Papua, Flores, West Java, East Java, South Sulawesi and many other areas have succeeded in becoming the largest coffee producing areas in the archipelago.

2. Indonesian Coffee’s Distinctive Flavors

Indonesian coffee is celebrated for its distinctive and bold flavor profiles. The archipelago’s unique geography, with its volcanic soil and diverse microclimate, contributes to the cultivation of coffee beans that carry a characteristically full-bodied taste. 

For example, Gayo Sumatera green coffee beans have this unique earthy, deep, and rich taste. This type is famous among the coffee lovers around the globe. Why? Because it’s mild in acidity, has caramel fruity tastes, while also bittersweet spicy. Even though planted on the same island, Mandheling coffee beans  can differentiate themselves. If we compare it, Mandheling coffee beans have lower acidity levels than Gayo Sumatera coffee beans. This somehow makes it more tolerable for sensitive-stomach people. The neighbor island, Java, also has its own characteristic of coffee that you need to take notes on. Coming from the high altitude of East Java land, Ijen Mountain coffee beans offer a sweeter after-taste. It is one of the rarest varieties in the world, because its origin is from Jamaican blue mountain coffee. A lot of coffee lovers looked for this coffee bean type too because of the strong jasmine fragrance, juicy body, and a sugar-cane flavor.

3. Sustainable and Ethical Practices

Many Indonesian coffee producers are committed to sustainable and ethical practices. The country’s coffee industry is making strides in environmentally friendly cultivation methods, focusing on organic farming and fair trade principles. 

One of them is shade-grown coffee. Numerous coffee farms in the country have adopted shade-grown methods, a traditional practice that entails cultivating coffee amidst taller trees’ canopies. This technique aids in safeguarding forest ecosystems, replicating natural forest conditions, and fostering a diverse array of plant and animal life. By providing habitats for numerous bird species and wildlife, shade-grown coffee plantations play a pivotal role in conserving biodiversity.

4. The Unique Processing Technique

Indonesia is known for its unique coffee processing methods, such as the famous Luwak coffee or Civet cat coffee. These beans are sourced from civets inhabiting their natural environment. Civet cat or best known as “Luwak” in Indonesia naturally gravitates towards coffee cherries. The type of Civet Cat that can produce this is the Asian Palm civet. They choose only the ripest and highest quality coffee cherries to consume. Subsequently, the cherries undergo digestion, initiating a distinctive fermentation process within the coffee beans. Later, the Civet Cat’s stomach enzymes break down a protein found in coffee beans, which is the main cause of bitterness in regular coffee. Through digestion, this bitterness is eliminated, resulting in the uniquely smooth and well-balanced flavor of Civet Coffee. Finally, the beans are retrieved from the feces, meticulously cleaned, and expertly roasted to achieve perfection.

In the wild, civets play a vital role in dispersing coffee plant seeds by consuming coffee cherries. The undigested seeds are then spread in their feces, promoting the growth of new coffee plants. This natural process supports coffee ecosystem biodiversity and sustainability. Moreover, this coffee production occurs in small-scale, traditional farms using organic and sustainable farming methods. These practices reduce reliance on synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, promoting healthier ecosystems and preserving civets’ natural habitats.

5. The breathtaking Diversity of Indonesian Coffee

Indonesia’s vast archipelago is home to a remarkable diversity of coffee-growing regions, each with its own microclimate and terroir. From the highlands of Sumatera to the Java Estate island, the diversity in growing conditions results in an array of coffee flavors that cater to various preferences. Indonesian coffee truly offers something for everyone, making it an exciting choice for those seeking variety and exploration in their coffee journey.

Where to Buy Indonesian Coffee? – A Direct-trade Coffee Supplier

To summarize, there are numerous compelling reasons to choose Indonesian coffee, from its rich cultural heritage to the distinctive flavor profiles and commitment to sustainable practices. Indonesian coffee stands out as a flavorful and culturally rich choice that not only satisfies the palate but also supports ethical and sustainable practices in the coffee industry.

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