Our Wholesale Program

Display our civet coffee products at your retail stores to attract more coffee lovers through our wholesale program. Now, let them experience the most precious coffee experience they have ever had. Wallacea Coffee is a coffee supplier that holds a proven decade of results in supplying premium Indonesian coffee beans at the most competitive price. We distribute several Arabica Indonesian coffee beans, including the most unique coffee beans known as “Kopi Luwak coffee beans.”  Countless middle-sized to giant retailers across the United States, have given us an opportunity to become their independent coffee supplier that delivers the finest Indonesian wild civet coffee or Kopi Luwak coffee at the most competitive price.

How Can We Grow Together?

Interested in displaying Kopi Luwak coffee beans directly from the source at your retail stores? Feel free to check the direction below on how to become our wholesale partner. Don’t let the hype cost you more. Just try to independently import roasted civet coffee from Indonesia. We have helped countless retail store owners to break the assumption of costly Kopi Luwak Coffee. Whether you are a cafe, restaurant, or retail business owner, we can make sure that all Kopi Luwak coffee will be delivered in a timely manner.

Wholesale program

Our Kopi Luwak Coffee Supply Chain

When sustainability is in our company’s DNA, Wallacea Coffee continuously strives for an ethical source of Kopi Luwak coffee or civet cat coffee. We empower our forefront partners (the coffee farmers) through a decent working partnership and fair wage practice for the Indonesian civet cat coffee trade. Through our simplified supply chain, the profits from the Kopi Luwak coffee trade are directly stuffed into the coffee farmers’ pockets, no longer for middlemen. 

We distribute your civet coffee purchase with a global reach from Indonesia to all of the United States, distributed by box. Get more information about our sustainable supply chain and shipping policy in the linked pages before partnering with us.

Wholesale program

Wholesale Price Civet Coffee

You deserve the highest quality civet cat coffee at the lowest price. Get the most competitive prices for Kopi Luwak coffee as the advantage of our shortened supply chain, no middlemen at all.

Product Guarantee

We ensure the highest quality of every Kopi Luwak coffee purchased from us. Wallacea Coffee provides a return and replacement policy for civet coffee to guarantee undesirable damages during the shipping process.

100% Organic Civet Coffee

Get the confidence to brand your business as a health-conscious retail store with our 100% organic civet coffee. Wallacea Coffee strictly prohibits the use of any chemicals and other harmful substances in producing our wild civet coffee.


NOTE: The total unit quantity is the sum of all counted units (coffee bags) from each box/master carton. 1 MC consists of 40 pcs of Kopi Luwak coffee beans. The price below excludes the shipping cost.

Product LineQuantityTotal Unit QuantityPrice Per MCPrice Per Pack
Wild Luwak Coffee1 MC40 pcs$920 /MC$23 /Pack
Wild Luwak Coffee2 MC80 pcs$800 /MC$20 /Pack
Wild Luwak Coffee>3 MC>120 pcs$720 /MC$18 /Pack


1. Sign Up and Create an Account.

Sign up for a new account on our website. To create an account, hover your mouse to the top right corner, click on a person-shaped icon, and fill in the information required.

2. Download Our Wholesale Agreement File.

Download our wholesale agreement in the box above and fill in the document. Make sure you have read and filled out all requirements prior to submitting your wholesale agreement to us.

3. Submit the Documents

Once you complete your document, upload your file to us through the box below. Then, hover your mouse over the ‘submit’ button.

4. Please give us 1-2 Business days 

Please wait a moment after submitting your document to us. We’ll process your inquiry and check your eligibility within 48 hours.

5. Approved or Rejected

If you're approved to sell our product, we will verify your account. Otherwise, you might receive a rejection email based on several factors. This includes: Unable to present the business location or entity, trying to sell our products on prohibited market-place, or re-submit rejected documents without changes.

6. Login with Wholesale Account

Once we activate your wholesale account. Please login with your account here. After successfully logging in, go back to our wholesale page and you will see our products displayed on the page. Now, you can start purchasing our wholesale civet coffee products via online every time.

download wholesale agreement

Need more information About Our Wholesale Program?

Wallacea Coffee is wholeheartedly committed to assisting your coffee-buying experience. Inform your questions regarding our Kopi Luwak coffee or green coffee beans through this online form. Purchase our Kopi Luwak coffee and green coffee beans through our secure online store. Get the most competitive prices and other special offers today!

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