Simple Coffee Hack: Turn Your Coffee Beans Into Instant Coffee

Instant Coffee

A pack of coffee beans is a staple on every pantry shelf across the globe. But is it a truly perfect match for all of us? Well… not really. At least, that is what the busy workers and avid travelers agreed. They have been there: Either the limited time to brew the coffee beans or no space left for the coffee beans inside the bag (and skipping the coffee for the whole trip? Impossible). 

Sure, it is possible to brew coffee beans without changing the original form. However, whole coffee beans require a longer brewing time compared to ground coffee beans. The coffee brewing process using whole coffee beans might take a minimum of 1 hour to overnight for the best result. For this reason, it is wise to turn your coffee beans into instant coffee when you have time. The best part? Less than 5 minutes of the coffee brewing process and you are ready to go! Fairly easy, let us learn more about the steps to make instant coffee from coffee beans through this article.

How to Make Instant Coffee from Coffee Beans?


Instant coffee is renowned for its convenience. But things might be different if you are a busy worker and a coffee lover at the same time. The idea of consuming commercial instant coffee might be an unpleasant one. In terms of flavor notes, caffeine content, aroma profiles, and pretty much any other factors that you judge coffee by, instant coffee typically lacks everything. 

Fortunately, the flavor of your coffee also comes down to the coffee varieties. For this reason, your coffee choice substantially determines the overall quality of your instant coffee. It is wise to consider specialty coffee like wild civet coffee that is able to present exceptional qualities in terms of flavor notes and aroma profiles. 

Without sacrificing the unique flavor notes, it is highly recommended to follow the steps below. To get started, prepare the tools first:

  1. A fine-mesh strainer.
  2. A coffee grinder.
  3. A pack of civet coffee beans (other coffee varieties or your favorite coffee beans are welcome too!).
  4. A jar with a tight-fitting lid.

Once the tools are prepared, just move on with the steps below:

  1. First, grind the civet coffee beans into a super fine grind.
  2. Then, strain the ground civet coffee with a fine-mesh strainer. Make sure it is completely filtered to remove the coarser grind.
  3. Place the ground civet coffee in an airtight jar or container.
  4. Your self-made instant coffee is ready to brew!

To preserve its exceptional flavor, always place the jar in a cool, dry, and dark place with temperatures falling somewhere between 20°C to 25°C. Keep the ground civet coffee or your instant coffee away from heat production equipment like stoves and ovens. Most of the time, a pantry shelf is a perfect place to store instant coffee. Do not forget to check its condition on a regular basis!

Is It Possible to Grind the Coffee Beans Without the Coffee Grinder?


If you are not a regular coffee drinker, there is a big chance you do not have a coffee grinder. Do not worry. When there is no coffee grinder, feel free to consider the substitutes. An important thing to note, different tools bring different coffee particle sizes. Now, take a look around your kitchen because you can also utilize the tools below:

  1. Blender: Coarse to medium grind.
  2. Food processor: Coarse to medium grind.
  3. Hammer: Coarse to medium grind.
  4. Hand mincer or manual grinder: Coarse to medium grind.
  5. Rolling pin: Coarse to fine grind.
  6. Mortar and pestle: Coarse to extra-fine grind.

The steps are similar, it is only the tools that are changed. However, grinding the civet coffee beans with those tools might also be time and energy-consuming. So it is wise to ask your coffee supplier if they provide the ground form so you do not need to put too much effort to brew your civet coffee. 

Where to Buy Ground Civet Coffee from a Direct-Trade Coffee Supplier?

luwak coffee supplier

If you do not want to go through the entire process of making your own instant coffee from civet coffee beans, you can always replace it with ground civet coffee. No more time and energy-consuming process. Just brew the ground civet coffee and you are ready to go. 

Wallacea Coffee is a leading direct-trade coffee supplier in the United States. Their wild civet coffee catalog includes ground coffee Luwak and roasted civet coffee beans, directly sourced from Sumatra Island of Indonesia. Feel free to choose based on your preferences. 


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