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Behind Luwak Coffee Production

Would you drink coffee made from animal poop? No, no, you heard it right, they truly exist, and it ranks as the world’s most exclusive and expensive coffee. The term ‘coffee luwak’ actually stands for the production method; it’s not a kind of coffee beans. Coffee Luwak is processed from the Indonesian wild civet cat’s poop. 

Despite the production method that makes you frown, it’s what makes the coffee beans taste multiple times unique (plus, decaffeinated!). Now, you’re about to find out why buy kopi luwak coffee is worth considering starting from these:

The Civet Behind ‘The Coffee Poop’

There are numerous kinds of civets, but the one responsible for coffee Luwak is the Asian palm civet. There’s a reason why kopi Luwak for sale out there is also known as ‘cat poop coffee’. Asian palm civets are cat-like creatures. It resembles small cats in size, with a weight of around 2-5 kg and a length of 48-59 cm. 

These little creatures mostly live wild in the tropical rainforest throughout South Asia or Southeast Asia regions like Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. Asian palm civets eat foods that are commonly found in their habitat; fruits like coffee cherries at the coffee plantations. 

The civet’s ability to produce great-tasting coffee beans was found around the 18th century when the Dutch commonly traded the Arabica coffee beans. During this era, the local workers at the coffee plantation are forbidden to pick the coffee beans for personal consumption. Instead, the workers turned to this choice as they found out that the civet ate the coffee cherries and left the partially digested coffee beans along with their poop. When the locals brewed the civet’s coffee beans, their owners tried. Then, found out that the coffee turned out to be better than ‘the original version’!

How Is Luwak Coffee Bean Produced?

In the coffee plantation areas, there are two common methods to produce Luwak coffee. The first one is to keep the civets in cages, often in dire conditions. In executing this method, the civets are often forced to consume coffee cherries according to the scheduled time. The second one releases the civets to roam freely within the plantation area. But don’t worry, at Wallacea coffee, we use the second method and we strictly refuse to force animals for our profit. In the name of sustainability, we let them eat coffee cherries in our plantation area whenever they want! This will also produce more authentic taste as the wild civet cats can consume other fruits. 

If you’re wondering what makes Luwak coffee prices high, we can tell you that it’s because of the uncommon processing of coffee beans. When civets consume the coffee cherries, the unique enzymatic process creates a fermentation process. Long story short, the civets’ digestive system helps to defecate the coffee beans, creating a unique taste in the coffee beans’ final result. It turns out to be less acidic and smoother coffee beans.

However, the civets were unable to digest the coffee beans, so they pooped it out. Leave the dung full of the partially digested coffee beans, which the farmers hunt. Then, the dung will be cleaned and processed in the farmers’ or companies’ facilities. In the end, no need to worry about unsterilized coffee beans every time you see the ‘kopi luwak for sale’ sign! Most of the time, the coffee Luwak producers like us have been providing highly advanced machines in their facilities to guarantee hygiene. You can now rest assured of buying kopi luwak coffee with guaranteed hygiene!

How to Produce Luwak Ground Coffee Beans?

In producing Luwak ground coffee beans, we utilized high-advanced machines for processing. From the coffee roasting machine, coffee grinding machine, and coffee packing machine. Not limited to time efficiency, we aimed to guarantee the hygiene of our products by minimizing human interference in the processing. It starts from roasting green coffee beans to the right roast level. Our standard for the coffee beans is a medium-dark roast level. Roasting to this level enables us to preserve the coffee beans’ natural aroma and taste. 

After meeting the perfect medium roast level, our coffee beans are further processed to the grinding step to form ground coffee beans. Lastly, the ground coffee beans are packaged into the packaging before being distributed to your locations.

Where to Buy Kopi Luwak Coffee in the United States?

To successfully be a coffee Luwak supplier in the United States, it’s important to choose a direct-trade coffee supplier that supplies you monthly, quarterly, or yearly. No need to spend too much time on search engines searching for ‘kopi luwak for sale’ or ‘buy kopi luwak coffee.’ 
Wallacea Coffee is your dependable coffee supplier that supplies you with Luwak coffee beans and Luwak ground coffee beans directly from Indonesia. Get your luwak ground coffee beans and Luwak coffee beans today. Reach us at [email protected] and save more on your Luwak coffee in bulk order.

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