About Wallacea Coffee

Wallacea Coffee was founded in May 2018 by one of the biggest Indonesian coffee suppliers and producers. The company is called PT. Jaffarindo International Indonesia. A coffee supplier that has been in the coffee industry for 24 years. It is headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The unique nature of the specialty coffee industry is our commitment to excellence at every level. From the grower through to the barista, and finally the consumer.

After serving thousands of customers around the globe, we realized that not all coffee lovers can really enjoy the greatest morning wake-up call & excitement from a single cup of liquid fuels to their body without some negative effects. Fast-forward, the medical expert identified the causes and started to call it caffeine intolerance. For this reason, the big corporations compete to resolve the issues to take a chance in maximizing their profit with the creation of decaffeinated coffee.

Behind the Unethical Decaffeinated Coffee

Caffeine sensitivity can also fluctuate daily, based upon multiple changing factors. This might cause some people to experience insomnia hours after drinking a small glass of coffee. But now, one person can drink a triple-shot espresso without getting caffeine jitters.

However, the idea that comes from drinking decaffeinated coffee not only established the phenomenon where the consumers lost sight of the true coffee purpose. But also, the unethical process in coffee production itself has dominated the purpose of focusing on the real problem. Because green coffee beans are either soaked or steamed, and mixed with other chemicals. Harmful substances like activated charcoal liquid carbon dioxide, ethyl, acetate, and methylene chloride are used to extract the caffeine. For this reason, health concerns are linked to this colorless liquid. Consider its role in industrial products like paint and adhesives pesticide products.


At Wallacea Coffee, we are focused on the real objection and bringing the real solution with a Metabolomics Approach, which will solve the real problem. Why is Kopi Luwak coffee or civet poop coffee the only logical alternative, and why do we call it the “Kopi Luwak Coffee Experience”?

Kopi Luwak coffee is not a coffee variety, but rather a method of production. Kopi Luwak coffee production consists of partially digested coffee cherries, which have been eaten and defecated by the Asian palm civet. Civet coffee is perfect for a person who has a sensitive stomach or caffeine intolerance. This process drives the natural enzymes in the Asian palm civet’s intestines. It makes the Kopi Luwak coffee beans less acidic and removes some caffeine from the coffee beans. Certified Kopi Luwak coffee has more malic acid, citric acid, and it’s full of inositol. For this reason, civet coffee helps the body in numerous ways than any other type of coffee tested.

Now, we all know the answer to why we call it the ‘Kopi Luwak Coffee Experience.’ As a global leader of coffee suppliers, it’s our commitment to share, educate, and direct global coffee lovers. So that we can all enjoy every single cup of morning coffee without worrying about caffeine intolerance. This way, we are also capable of valuing the true coffee purpose. 

We became one of the coffee suppliers that are supported by the Gayo Coffee Protection Society Foundation. After working hard with our domestic farmer to prove that all of our green coffee beans are both sustainably and ethically sourced. There’s NO ANIMAL ABUSED or HARMED in producing Kopi Luwak coffee beans. Wallacea Coffee ensures that there are no single beings experiencing an adverse effect in producing Luwak coffee.


Wallacea Coffee Team



Indonesia is known as one of the coffee suppliers which continuously produces and distributes the highest quality green coffee beans to the global market. We carefully inspected the entire coffee production process, starting from the quality of the coffee plantation. For us, as a reliable coffee supplier, it’s only 100% transparency, top quality control performance, and great coffee. All varieties are consciously sourced. Grown under a perfect microclimate, high-altitude, and fertile volcanic soil, we’re capable of cutting out the harmful substances in our coffee plantation. For this reason, this natural process cannot be matched — even with today’s technology.

To produce the most authentic green coffee beans and coffee Luwak, we work in partnership with the local tribes. Such as the people of Gayo, Toraja, Papuans, Flores Melanesia, Jawa, Dayak, and Batak. They are the native of these lands. People who specialize in growing single-origin green coffee beans. The heritage farm for growing Indonesian green coffee beans has been inherited from generation to generation among people in these tribes. In the midst of technological development, our coffee farmers are still maintaining traditional practices that won’t compromise the preservation of nature. 

We promise to strive to exceed coffee lovers’ expectations like you and fulfill our commitment as a reliable green coffee supplier. Supported by great natural resources, we’re capable of delivering the most authentic taste of Indonesian green coffee beans. You can expect exceptional quality green coffee beans from us. Only the selected green coffee beans with unique characters are offered at our store. Look at our Gayo Sumatra, Lintong Sumatra, Mandheling Sumatra, Ijen Mountain arabica, and Java Estate robusta green coffee beans. All are characterized by complex flavor notes and aroma profiles without undergoing fruit fermentation or other recent techniques needed. 

Now! Get our finest selection of Sumatra and Java green coffee beans when you partner with us.


Wallacea Coffee is a green coffee supplier that produces a diverse range of green coffee beans from several regions in Indonesia, all of which have its unique taste. Our single-origin green coffee beans reveal the best characteristics of specialty coffee. No surprise that a diverse range of flavor notes and aroma profiles are present from the first sip. Our coffee varieties express what is meant by ‘the authentic taste of specialty coffee’. From fruity to nutty, these unique flavor notes and aroma profiles are 100% naturally developed during the growing process of green coffee beans. No synthetically-made flavor notes and aroma profiles, period. 

A reliable wholesale coffee supplier helps coffee lovers like you to choose Indonesian green coffee beans that fit you the best. We recommend you pay attention to the product description. In the product description, we provide an accurate description of green coffee beans based on its natural taste and region. Wallacea Coffee strives to help you choose the flavor notes, aroma profiles, and other qualities that meet the standards of your coffee shop. This way, you’re able to present a pleasant coffee experience for your customers with our single-origin green coffee beans. 

Our experience for decades in the coffee industry has made us try lots of different specialty coffee throughout the Indonesian archipelago. Among so many choices of high-quality Indonesian green coffee beans, we only pick Indonesian green coffee beans that are explosively smooth, tasty, and have balanced flavors. 

Yes, you are right. Our green coffee bean varieties are the standard in producing top-notch coffee products. Whether it’s single-origin coffee or coffee blend products.

WALLACEA COFFEE: A Coffee Supplier with a Consistent Supply Chain & Quality

Before being exported to our customers, we strive to maintain the quality consistency of our green coffee beans. We thoroughly examine the quality of our green coffee beans with strict QC (Quality Control) inspection. From manual inspection methods (double-pick or triple-pick), machine processing, and third-party inspection, we ensure the quality of our Indonesian green coffee beans matches your expectations. Without a doubt, we ensure that the quality and taste of our green coffee beans remain the same since the day 1 you partnered with us. 

We focus on accuracy in terms of quality and post. We keep our supply chain stable through a strong partnership with domestic coffee farmers. When a shortage happens, coffee farmers choose to prioritize their long-term partners instead of other new coffee suppliers. For this reason, we’re capable of supplying Indonesian green coffee beans monthly, quarterly, and yearly to support your business’ growth. Through our consistent supply chain, we protect our customers from surging prices and shortage risks.


To keep it simple and short, here are our rules for producing top-notch green coffee beans: No hard work goes unrewarded.

Follow our steps to build a better livelihood for coffee farmers. When you purchase green coffee beans or Luwak coffee from us, we refuse to purchase Indonesian coffee beans at the lowest price and sell it at unreasonable prices for our profit. Instead, we pay our farmers based on fair-trade standards to help them generate more income and keep our products at affordable prices for our customers.

A Coffee SUPPLIER that Offers Competitive Pricing

As a reliable coffee supplier, we help our customers to be capable of serving specialty coffee to the customers without excessive worry about thin profit margins.

We care about your margin!

In offering the most competitive price to the market, a reliable coffee supplier like us refuses to cut corners with the quality of our specialty coffee. Instead, we shortened our supply chain by cutting out any form of middlemen. Through our simplified supply chain, you don’t need to pay extra fees for middlemen’s profit.



At Wallacea Coffee, a decent working relationship between the coffee farmers and our customers is in our business’ DNA. For this reason, trust and mutual respect are our values in building the partnership with all the parties involved in our supply chain. Work with a coffee supplier that ensures your coffee import experience. For us, excellent after-sales service support is mandatory.

Wallacea Coffee helps you in dealing with issues that might arise when you import green coffee beans and Luwak coffee from us. Our after-sales services include but are not limited to damage guarantee and a responsive customer service line. This way, we ensure to assist you with anything you need during the time frame of the sales. When undesirable damages impact the quality of your green coffee beans and Luwak coffee beans, you can rely on our after-sales service support to protect you from further loss.

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