Spray-Dried Coffee vs. Freeze-Dried Coffee, What is The Difference?

What is the difference between spray-dried coffee vs. freeze-dried coffee? Uncover the coffee supplier’s best-kept secret: the insatiable demand for instant coffee that’s taken it to new heights. Yes, you heard it right. Instant coffee, though not a newbie, remains a hot favorite among global coffee lovers, always ready for an upgrade. 

In a sea of instant coffee options, you’ve probably heard of spray-dried and freeze-dried coffee. But what makes them tick? Before diving into a new coffee adventure, let’s break down the differences between spray-dried vs. freeze-dried coffee. Get the lowdown in this article, and brew up your knowledge on these two coffee sensations!

What is Freeze-Dried Coffee, Actually?

Ever strolled down the coffee aisle, assuming all instant coffee is created equal? Well, experienced coffee suppliers and enthusiasts beg to differ. Instant coffee is typically labeled as an easy-on-the-wallet beverage option for most people. However, you should cross freeze-dried instant coffee out the list.

Prepare to be intrigued because freeze-dried instant coffee is no ordinary brew. It’s the result of a fascinating and sophisticated freeze-drying process, making it stand out in terms of both cost and complexity. Let’s dive into the intricacies of this unique process:

  1. Freeze the coffee: The coffee liquid will be frozen at a temperature below 0°C to remove the solid, liquid, and gas substances. 
  2. Primary drying: Then, the coffee supplier introduces the heat to the process. This turns the crystallized coffee to sublime, transforming its solid form to gas.
  3. Secondary drying: Lastly, the coffee supplier minimizes the moisture content until it reaches at least 4% by removing the water molecule. 

Due to the significant exposure to low temperatures in the process, the flavor note and aroma profile of the coffee are well-retained. Not only is the quality good, but it is also less susceptible to quality degradation. For this reason, the price of freeze-dried coffee tends to be expensive.

What About Spray-Dried Coffee?

In contrast with freeze-dried coffee, spray-dried coffee is well-known as the cost-effective and more convenient option for coffee lovers. When you buy instant coffee in retail stores, most likely you’ll get this type of coffee.

Spray-dried coffee is a processed coffee that is created from the spray-drying process. Below is a full breakdown of the whole process:

  1. Atomization process: The coffee liquid will go through an atomizer to alter the form into tiny coffee droplets.
  2. Air-spraying process: After that, the coffee droplets go through a tall cylindrical tower and are sprayed with a steam of hot air (80°C to 180°C).
  3. The final product: Once the water content evaporates, the form alters to fine powder.

The spray-drying process is less complicated than the freeze-drying method. For this reason, it is popular as a cost-effective option for most coffee lovers.

Coffee Supplier 101: Which Works Better for Selling?

Again, it comes down to your preference. In creating a new product line, it is wise to consider the factors below:

  1. Price (both purchase and sell price)
  2. Lead time
  3. Quality

Most coffee business owners turn to freeze-dried coffee when they are concerned about quality over price. However, you can consider spray-dried coffee if you have limited time to prepare your new product launch. Because the creation process of spray-dried coffee is relatively short compared to freeze-dried coffee. For this reason, it does not need a long pre-order waiting time. Other than the lead time, you can also expect a more competitive price.

If you are still concerned about the quality of the spray-dried coffee, it is wise to look for a coffee supplier that has advanced technology for the spray-drying process in their facility. This way, you can guarantee the quality of your product. 

About Wallacea Coffee – A Direct-Trade Coffee Supplier of Instant Coffee

Wallacea Coffee is a direct-trade coffee supplier that provides advanced technology for the spray-drying process. This means we preserve the distinct flavor notes and aromatic profiles of spray-dried coffee to perfection. Now, you can expect to get high-quality instant coffee at the most competitive price. Just pack it well and sell it at a better price!

Find your private-label instant coffee solution with us. Contact us through [email protected] to request a specialized quote for your private-label coffee needs today.

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