Ijen Mountain Arabica Green Coffee Beans

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This Java Blue Mountain green coffee beans come from Jamaica in the “Blue Mountain” mountainous area. The emergence of this type of coffee is thought to have been brought by the Dutch to Indonesia at that time. One of them is on the island of Java, namely on the slopes of Ijen Raung at an altitude of 1400 meters above sea level.

This type of coffee is one of the rare varieties. Not many farmers are capable of growing Java Blue Mountain green coffee beans. But it turns out that this type of coffee has a unique taste and makes coffee connoisseurs look for it a lot from Indonesian coffee suppliers. From several testimonials, Ijen Raung Arabica green coffee beans, the Blue Mountain variety, has a strong jasmine fragrance, sweet like sugar cane, and juicy body.

✔️ Single-origin Green Coffee Beans harvested in Bondowoso, Java Island of Indonesia

Ijen Mountain Arabica green coffee beans are traditionally grown in the Sumber Wringin district, Java Island, Indonesia. In this region, Ijen Mountain Arabica green coffee beans grow under a perfect microclimate and fertile volcanic soil. For this reason, our Ijen Mountain Arabica green coffee beans are capable of revealing a complex blend of flavor notes. A combination of floral, chocolatey, and nutty.

✔️ High-Grown Mild Ijen Mountain Arabica Green Coffee Beans

Taste authentic specialty coffee with Ijen Mountain Arabica coffee! As a specialty coffee variety, it grows at an altitude of about 4.000 ft, meticulously hand-picked, and handled with the utmost care by our dedicated coffee farmers.

✔️ Certified Coffee Supplier

You deserve exceptional quality green coffee beans for your business. Our Ijen Mountain Arabica green coffee beans reveal only a 1.5% damage level after post-triple-picked inspection. We show you legitimate paperwork as a coffee supplier. We provide COO (Certificate of Origin), COA (Certificate of Analysis), ICO (International Coffee Organization), and phytosanitary certificate to ensure the quality of our green coffee beans.

✔️ Export-Grade Packaging

We package our Ijen Mountain Arabica green coffee beans in export-grade packaging as a solid protection from undesirable damage. We utilize Grainpro bags as protection against mold, moisture, and insect contamination. Other than that, we utilized jute bags as an outer layer to protect your green coffee beans from dirt and dust.

Quantity Price
2-3 M/T $8,200.00
3-10 M/T $8,000.00
>10 M/T $7,00.00

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Java Island (Indonesia)


1400 m


Chocolatey - Nutty

In 2013 Ijen Raung’s Java Arabica Coffee from Bondowoso received world recognition by obtaining an international certificate. This prompted the Regent of Bondowoso, Amin Said Husni, in 2016, to declare his district a “Coffee Republic,’ a district that continuously produces world-class quality coffee.

The growth of Ijen Mountain Arabica scored an impressive result. In 2018, of the 3000 tons of Bondowoso Arabica coffee production, one-third was able to be exported to the world market by Indonesian coffee suppliers.


Additional information

Cup Characteristics

A medium-bodied coffee with strong jasmine fragrance and sweet like sugar cane. Moderate in acidity with chocolatey and nutty flavor notes.

Growing Altitude

1.400 m


Semi-wash, dry-hulled

Arabica Variety

Blue mountain arabica.

Moisture Content

A maximum of 11%

Defect Rate

A maximum of 3%


Because the seed of Ijen Mountain Arabica green coffee beans exclusively comes from the tropical Blue Mountain region in Jamaica. So it is considered a Blue Mountain coffee variety.

Medium-dark roast is a perfect fit for Java coffee like Ijen Mountain Arabica green coffee beans. The darker roast helps to maximize the coffee body and flavor note formation. Other than that, it helps to degrade the acidity content in Ijen Mountain Arabica coffee.

Because of Its chocolatey-nutty flavor notes, this coffee creates a perfect blend when paired with other strong-tasting flavor notes. The options include citrusy and floral flavor notes. For instance, roasters can blend coffee beans from Colombia, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Guatemala.

Blue Mountain coffee is well known for its smooth flavor and less acidic. If compared to other types or varieties of Arabica coffee. The nature of this region is unique compared to other coffee-growing regions. It grows in a misty area that formed due to a contrasting temperature between the ground and the mountain area.

It’s unmistakably single-origin Ijen Mountain arabica coffee. Based on the research conducted by the department of agro-industrial technology of Universitas Jember, only a few coffee farmers grow this variety. The marketing scales mostly only meet the local demands and only a few coffee suppliers are capable of delivering Ijen Mountain Arabica to global coffee markets. So the supply availability of Java green coffee beans in global coffee shops is limited.

The best Blue Mountain coffee mostly comes from Jamaica. Although Ijen Mountain Arabica coffee is not the best Blue Mountain coffee variety, it still reveals vibrant flavor notes and a smooth taste just like the best Blue Mountain coffee varieties.

The harvesting time for Java coffee mostly takes around June to October. So you can expect to get the freshest Ijen Mountain Arabica raw coffee beans at the most affordable cost during this period.

First, you need to store your Ijen Mountain Arabica green coffee beans in bulk in airtight packaging. Perfect packaging should be capable of preventing your raw coffee beans from molds, insect contamination, and other quality deteriorations. Double-layer bags (Grainpro bag and jute bag) are the most recommended for proper storage of your green coffee beans. After that, place the green coffee beans in a dark, dry, and cool place (20 to 25 degrees C). Check the green coffee beans regularly to avoid quality deterioration. Learn more about green coffee beans damages here.


Cupper 1887.7587.757.751010100884
Cupper 27.7588887.7510101007.7584
Cupper 387.75887.57.51010100883

Ar: Aroma, Fl: Flavor, Af: Aftertaste, Ac: Acidity, Bo: Body, Ba: Balance, Un: Uniformity, Cl: Clean cup, Sw: Sweetness, De: Defects, Ov: Overall, Fs: Final score

Let us help you import your own green coffee beans and improve your catalogs!

As a reliable Arabica coffee supplier, we offer various cleaning methods that suit your business. We provide natural (dry-hulled), semi-washed (wet-hulled), and full-washed (wet-processed) to clean green coffee beans. Each cleaning method brings different results that impact coffee acidity, flavor notes, and even coffee body. For this reason, it is crucial to know the difference between the 3 cleaning methods before you choose what is a perfect fit for your business.

Dry-Hulled Coffee Cleaning Method

Dry-Hulled (Natural) Ijen Mountain Green Coffee Beans

In a dry-hulled, natural method, the coffee cherries are sun-dried for 20 to 30 days until the moisture content inside the coffee cherries significantly drops to 12%. The sun-drying process allows Ijen Mountain green coffee beans to absorb the flavor notes of the fruit. That’s why our Ijen Mountain green coffee beans reveal a complex blend of fruity and earthy flavor notes. Once the coffee cherries are parched evenly, the coffee farmers separated the coffee cherries from the dried skin at a dry mill.

Semi-Washed (Wet-Hulled) Ijen Mountain Green Coffee Beans

For the semi-washed green coffee beans, the skin and pulps of the coffee cherries are removed (de-pulping process). Then, it’s sun-dried without a washing process. Allows the thick-sweet liquid in the outer layer of coffee cherries to stick with the green coffee beans. It takes about 10 to 15 days until the moisture content reaches 10%, slightly drier than dry-hulled green coffee beans. Once the coffee cherries are dried, the coffee farmers remove the mucilage and outer layer by utilizing a coffee milling machine.

Semi-washed green coffee beans possess an intense sweetness characteristic. The flavor note of semi-washed Ijen Mountain green coffee beans is sweeter compared to green coffee beans processed in other methods, and cleaner when compared to dry-hulled Ijen Mountain green coffee beans. Other than that, semi-washed green coffee beans reveal more body and low acidity content, compared to other coffee-processing methods.

Semi-washed Coffee Cleaning Method

Full-Washed (Wet Processed) Ijen Mountain Green Coffee Beans

The fully-washed coffee process starts with soaking the coffee cherries in a tank filled with water for 24 to 36 hours while checking the quality of the coffee cherries. The good quality coffee cherries will sink to the bottom, while the poor ones will float to the surface. 

The coffee farmers will de-pulping the coffee cherries with a coffee pulping machine. Then, the coffee cherries are cleaned once more to thoroughly remove the mucilage and left to soak for 24 to 36 hours. After that, these wet raw coffee beans are sun-dried until the moisture content reaches 10% to 12%. 

Full-washed Ijen Mountain green coffee beans are prized for its clean-bright flavor profile, with a subtle hint of fruity tasting note.






Gayo Sumatra (Arabica)Lintong Sumatra (Arabica)Mandheling Sumatra (Arabica)Java Estate (Robusta)Ijen Mountain (Arabica)
Medium-body ✔️  ✔️
Full-body✔️ ✔️✔️ 
SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) SCORE
Outstanding specialty (90-100)     
Excellent specialty (85-89.99)✔️ ✔️  
Very good specialty (80-84.99) ✔️  ✔️
Not specialty (<80)   ✔️ 
Mild✔️ ✔️  
Moderate ✔️  ✔️
High   ✔️ 
Dark   ✔️✔️
Chocolatey ✔️ ✔️✔️
Nutty    ✔️

Get the freshest Ijen Mountain Arabica green coffee beans directly from the place of origin at Wallacea Coffee. As a direct-trade coffee supplier, we source our single-origin Ijen Mountain Arabica green coffee beans directly from the coffee plantations on the slopes of Ijen Raung. Save more costs with our shortened supply chain. We cut out any form of middlemen, making the supply chain only between you and our domestic coffee farmers. Start your first Ijen Mountain Arabica green coffee beans with our BYOC (Build Your Own Container) system here.

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