What You’ll Need for CHEMEX Method


Chemex brewing method scores high for less acidic, light-bodied, and less bitter brewed-civet coffee. Based on Addict, C (n.d.), Chemex paper filters are different from regular paper filters because it is specifically made to filter out acidity, bitterness, and oil content. For this reason, it is possible to store brewed civet cat coffee in a fridge without the oily layer formation on the coffee surface!

However, the Chemex brewing method is not a perfect option if you are trying to skimp your budget. Tools used in the Chemex brewing method are far more costly than the average pour-over method. The prices of Chemex cup coffee makers mostly fall somewhere between $50 to $300. Chemex coffee filters are no less expensive compared to typical coffee paper filters. The prices themselves range from $14 to $55. 

But when considering the final taste of your Luwak coffee, you know why this method is definitely worth your dollars!


When brewing civet coffee with the Chemex method, you can expect to get less bitter, less acidic, and light-tasting civet coffee. The paper filter also helps to present an oily-free plus clean-tasting civet coffee because the oil content, coffee sediment, and coffee acidity are absorbed by the coffee filters.

Coffee Body


Equipment Cost

Step 1


Bring twice as much water as you’ll need for the brewing, about 700 ml.

Now, weigh the Luwak coffee beans: 25-30 grams are enough.

Grind your civet cat coffee while the water is heating. Grind it about as coarse as sea salt.

Step 2


Take your filter and put it in the Chemex.

Step 3

chemex coffee brewing guide

Next, pour about ½ of the hot water over all the inner parts of the filter. The water will heat your vessel.

Step 4

chemex coffee brewing guide

Let the rest of the water sit in the kettle until it’s about 200 degrees Fahrenheit (93°C). Afterward, empty the vessel and prepare to brew.

Now, pour the ground civet cat coffee into the filter and shake it slightly. That should flatten the civet coffee to allow a more even pour.

Step 5

chemex coffee brewing method

Afterward, pour twice the amount of water (compared to the coffee) into the ground’s center. If you have 25 grams of civet coffee, pour 50 grams of water.

Work your way outwards gently. Avoid pouring water down the sides of the filter. The coffee will expand (bloom) after that. Allow it to bloom for about 45 seconds.

Step 6

chemex coffee brewing method

Continue pouring into the center of the grounds. Pour at a rate that the whole brewing process takes about 2.5 – 3 minutes.

Step 7

Chemex coffee brewing method

Altogether, there should be about 350 grams of water.