What You’ll Need for Aeropress Method


In brewing a perfect cup of civet coffee with the Aeropress method, you need to bring enough water to boil your AeroPress and your vessel. 250 – 400 ml should do it.


The Aeropress brewing method is a well-priced option for brewing a perfect cup of civet coffee. The Aeropress coffee maker costs around $39.95 to $44.95. At this price, you already get a complete package of Aeropress coffee maker consisting of a plunger, chamber, stirrer, and scoop. Aeropress brewing method pairs well with dark-roasted coffee beans that reveal bold and smoky flavors. According to McDonnell, K (2023) and Aeropress (n.d.), you can choose this brewing method if you aim to reduce undesired bitterness and improve the final taste of your coffee. Aeropress brewing method helps to balance the coffee flavor and alter the coffee acidity at the same time. So, if you enjoy a full-bodied, less acidic, and amazingly rich-tasting Kopi Luwak coffee, rely on the Aeropress brewing method.  On the other hand, several factors might turn Aeropress-brewed Kopi Luwak coffee to taste bitter, sour, or even weaker than it should. The flavor comes down to coffee grind particle size, water temperature, coffee-to-water ratio, and brew time. So it is crucial to follow all of the ratio guidelines in the steps below.


Because this method is capable of reducing the coffee sediment plus its bitterness, you get a clean-tasting, less bitter, and flavorful civet cat coffee. It also helps you to get a less-acidic civet cat coffee because the filter absorbs the acidity. However, it is not a perfect match if you are expecting strong-tasting Luwak coffee.

Coffee Body


Equipment Cost

Step 1

aeropress method

Put the artisan barista filter in the Aeropress cap.

Step 2

aeropress method

Weigh out 15 grams of Luwak coffee beans. Grind the Luwak coffee beans fine, somewhere between Espresso and Pour over.

Step 3

aeropress method

Pour some of the hot water over the filter in the cap, to preheat the filter.

Step 4

Aeropress Coffee Brewing Guide

Put 15 grams of ground Luwak coffee beans into the Aeropress.

Step 5

Brewing civet coffee with Aeropress method

Altogether use 220 grams of water. Start with double the weight of water compared to the Luwak coffee beans you used (30ml/grams for 15 grams of coffee). Stir it and wait for 30 seconds. The temperature should be 200 degrees Fahrenheit (93.3 degrees Celsius).

Step 6

Brewing Civet Coffee with Aeropress Method

After 30 seconds add the remaining water (190g/ml). After stirring it again, let it sit for 1 minute.

Step 7

aeropress method

Afterward, screw on the cap with the filter.

Step 8

aeropress method

Then flip the Aeropress carefully. Make sure no coffee runs out.

Step 9

aeropress method

Then press down the plunger. Afterward, you’ll have a clean cup of Aeropress Luwak coffee. It’s full of natural oil which every paper filter would filter out.