Indonesian Robusta Green Coffee Beans Grade 1

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Today, over 90% of the coffee production in Java Island occurs on smallholder farms averaging almost 2,5 acres. Our commercial-grade Java coffee comes from the village of Semarang, where the green coffee beans was triple-hand-picked. The natural processing of the green coffee beans itself is actually the traditional processing sun-dried method. 

Nowadays, the natural process is not widely practiced anymore since it requires longer processing time, up to 2 months from the time of the picking of the cherries until the packing of the green coffee beans. With a body as full as any premium coffee, Java Island can be downright syrupy. Despite a subdued acidity, the tastes are complex and intense, and a sweet chocolate flavor often holds earthy undertones. Notes of licorice may also be present.

✔️ Premium-Grade Robusta Green Coffee Beans

We promise high-quality green coffee beans. Our Java Estate Robusta green coffee beans are grown at high altitudes around 1.200-1.500 meters above sea level. For this reason, it is packed with complex flavor notes and aroma profiles.

✔️ Best for Blends-Mix

Our Java Estate Robusta green coffee beans are rich in flavor. It blends perfectly with flavorings without losing its unique flavor notes.

✔️ Best Commercial Grade Green Coffee Beans

Our Java Estate Robusta green coffee beans reveal a maximum of 2.5% defect rate after the triple-pick inspection.

✔️ Coffee Supplier with the Best Post-Sales Experience

You deserve exceptional quality green coffee beans for your business. We show you legitimate paperwork as a coffee supplier. We provide COO (Certificate of Origin), COA (Certificate of Analysis), ICO (International Coffee Organization), and phytosanitary certificate to ensure the quality of our green coffee beans.


Quantity Price
2-3 M/T $4,000.00
3-10 M/T $3,700.00
>10 M/T $3,400.00



Grade Price
GR4 EK1 $3,530.00
G1 Mixture 15-18 $3,630.00
-G1 SCR 16

-G1 SCR 18

-S18 G1





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Java Island (Indonesia)


1200 – 1500 m


Chocolatey - Earthy

The journey of Java Estate Robusta green coffee beans is a tale of past colonization and the global Indonesian coffee beans trade. Java Estate Robusta green coffee beans gained recognition as a resilient coffee bean type when the Dutch tried to put Indonesian coffee beans back on the coffee map in Java island. When a rust plague deteriorated Arabica coffee beans cultivation on Java island, the Dutch revamped the common coffee bean type on the coffee plantation with Robusta, which later became well-known as Java Estate Robusta. 

Today, Java Estate Robusta green coffee beans grow in a geographically and climatologically well-suited area for coffee cultivation. In a mountainous, microclimate region at the village of Semarang, Java Estate Robusta green coffee beans are cultivated under a canopy of trees, alongside tea plantations.


Cupper 178777.757.5108807.57.5
Cupper 27.57.25777.25710101007.57.25
Cupper 37.757.57777.25108707.57.5

Ar: Aroma, Fl: Flavor, Af: Aftertaste, Ac: Acidity, Bo: Body, Ba: Balance, Un: Uniformity, Cl: Clean cup, Sw: Sweetness, De: Defects, Ov: Overall, Fs: Final score


Additional information

Cup Characteristic

Complex and intense, and a chocolate sweet flavor often holds earthy undertones. Notes of licorice may also be present.

Growing Altitude

1200 – 1500 m



Arabica Variety

Ateng, Jember

Moisture Content

A maximum of 12%

Damage Rate

A maximum of 3.5%

The future of Robusta coffee varieties is bright as the demand for premium-grade commercial green coffee beans increases. 

Today, the Robusta coffee variety is gradually transforming its reputation from low-grade commercial coffee to premium-grade commercial coffee. Top coffee-supplier countries like Indonesia have begun to grow this resilient coffee variety in nearly the same way as top-notch Arabica coffee varieties. As a result, some Robusta coffee varieties turn into high-altitude and single-origin Robusta green coffee beans, just like your favorite arabica coffee. Even better, it is  capable of revealing vibrant flavor notes but is offered at a more competitive price.


Buy high-quality commercial green coffee beans only from a commercial coffee supplier. It is better if your coffee supplier is also a direct-trade coffee supplier that provides a diverse range of single-origin green coffee beans at the highest quality. In purchasing high-quality commercial coffee, you can buy Java Estate Robusta green coffee beans from us.

Commercial coffee is a term for a coffee bean variety that is typically utilized for commercial needs in various industries. Most coffee businesses utilize second to fifth-grade commercial coffee beans (Java Estate Robusta) for commercial coffee products.

Java Estate Robusta green coffee beans are a perfect fit as the best commercial green coffee beans throughout the coffee business. It is typically used for making commercial coffee products like canned coffee drinks, ground canned coffee, and wholesale instant coffee.

Commercial coffee like cold-brew coffee or instant ground coffee is typically made from commercial-grade coffee beans. Most of the time, it is Robusta varieties like Java Estate Robusta coffee beans. These coffee beans are mostly blended with flavorings to alter the bitterness.

The green coffee beans are roasted in an industrial coffee roasting machine. It is roasted for 10 to 15 minutes, depending on the total amount of green coffee beans and the roasting machine capacity. The roasting level depends on the coffee bean varieties. But since most business owners utilize Robusta coffee, the green coffee beans are typically roasted at a dark roast level to alter the bitterness.

It is unmistakably premium-grade Robusta coffee like Java Estate Robusta green coffee beans. Today, premium-grade Robusta like Java Estate Robusta green coffee beans are grown in nearly the same way as Arabica green coffee beans. As a result, it is capable of producing complex flavor notes.

The term commercial coffee bean stands for the coffee varieties that mostly utilize for commercial coffee products like Robusta green coffee beans. Although it is known to have bad taste, premium-grade Robusta varieties are able to present complex flavor notes. 

On the flip side, specialty coffee beans mostly come from top-notch Arabica varieties which are grown in ideal growing conditions. For this reason, it is able to produce a diverse range of flavor notes and aroma profiles. It is also offered at a higher price compared to Robusta varieties. Learn more about specialty coffee vs commercial coffee beans through our blog.

Based on the Bellwether Coffee, wholesale roasted coffee beans are typically offered at $8 per pound. However, you can get cheaper prices at $2,400.00 per M/T when purchasing green coffee beans in bulk from wholesale coffee suppliers. For this reason, most coffee business owners turn to purchase green coffee beans in bulk. Then roasting it themselves.

Let us help you import your own green coffee beans and improve your catalogs!

As a reliable Arabica coffee suppplier, we offer various cleaning methods that suit your business. We provide natural (dry-hulled), semi-washed (wet-hulled), and full-washed (wet-processed) to clean green coffee beans. Each cleaning method brings different results that impact coffee acidity, flavor notes, and even coffee body. For this reason, it is crucial to know the difference between the 3 cleaning methods before you choose what is a perfect fit for your business.

Dry-Hulled Coffee Cleaning Method

Dry-Hulled (Natural) Java Estate Green Coffee Beans

In a dry-hulled, natural method, the coffee cherries are sun-dried for 20 to 30 days until the moisture content inside the coffee cherries significantly drops to 12%. The sun-drying process allows Java Estate green coffee beans to absorb the flavor notes of the fruit. That’s why our Java Estate green coffee beans reveal a complex blend of fruity and earthy flavor notes. Once the coffee cherries are parched evenly, the coffee farmers separated the coffee cherries from the dried skin at a dry mill.

Semi-Washed (Wet-Hulled) Java Estate Green Coffee Beans

For the semi-washed green coffee beans, the skin and pulps of the coffee cherries are removed (de-pulping process). Then, it’s sun-dried without a washing process. Allows the thick-sweet liquid in the outer layer of coffee cherries to stick with the green coffee beans. It takes about 10 to 15 days until the moisture content reaches 10%, slightly drier than dry-hulled green coffee beans. Once the coffee cherries are dried, the coffee farmers remove the mucilage and outer layer by utilizing a coffee milling machine.

Semi-washed coffee beans possess an intense sweetness characteristic. The flavor note of semi-washed Java Estate green coffee beans is sweeter compared to green coffee beans processed in other methods, and cleaner when compared to dry-hulled Java Estate green coffee beans. Other than that, semi-washed green coffee beans reveal more body and low acidity content, compared to other coffee-processing methods.

Semi-washed Coffee Cleaning Method

Full-Washed (Wet Processed) Java Estate Green Coffee Beans

The fully-washed coffee process starts with soaking the coffee cherries in a tank filled with water for 24 to 36 hours while checking the quality of the coffee cherries. The good quality coffee cherries will sink to the bottom, while the poor ones will float to the surface. 

The coffee farmers will de-pulping the coffee cherries with a coffee pulping machine. Then, the coffee cherries are cleaned once more to thoroughly remove the mucilage and left to soak for 24 to 36 hours. After that, these wet green coffee beans are sun-dried until the moisture content reaches 10% to 12%. 

Full-washed Java Estate green coffee beans are prized for its clean-bright flavor profile, with a subtle hint of fruity tasting note.






Gayo Sumatra (Arabica) Lintong Sumatra (Arabica) Mandheling Sumatra (Arabica) Java Estate (Robusta) Ijen Mountain (Arabica)
Medium-body   ✔️     ✔️
Full-body ✔️   ✔️ ✔️  
SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) SCORE
Outstanding specialty (90-100)          
Excellent specialty (85-89.99) ✔️   ✔️    
Very good specialty (80-84.99)   ✔️     ✔️
Not specialty (<80)       ✔️  
Mild ✔️   ✔️    
Moderate   ✔️     ✔️
High       ✔️  
Light ✔️        
Medium-dark ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Dark       ✔️ ✔️
Fruity ✔️        
Chocolatey   ✔️   ✔️ ✔️
Earthy ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️  
Nutty         ✔️

our green coffee beans


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  1. As a coffee business owner, I was so skeptical about the taste of robusta coffee taste. But buying Java Estate robusta coffee beans is a decision I never regretted. It is rich in flavor, blends well with milk, and most importantly, my customers love this combination! I’ll definitely repurchase Java Estate robusta coffee beans to make commercial coffee products!

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