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Wallacea Coffee / Mandheling Sumatra Arabica Coffee

Mandheling Sumatra Arabica Coffee

$7,400.00 /MT

Sumatra Mandheling coffee beans are named after Mandailing people who diligently grow the coffee beans in their coffee plantations. Starting in the 19th century, the popularity of Sumatra Mandheling coffee beans continued to grow. Today, Sumatra Mandheling coffee beans are one of the most exported Sumatra coffee beans across the globe.

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Taste the breadth and nuance of local Indonesian heritage starting from a cup of Sumatra Mandheling coffee. Sumatra Mandheling coffee beans are traditionally grown, picked at the peak of freshness, and processed in the Tapanuli region. Wallacea Coffee directly sources our Sumatra Mandheling coffee beans from Indonesia’s leading coffee producer, the Mandailing area, near Bukit Barisan, north Sumatra. 

As a proven result of growth within the appropriate environment, our Sumatra Mandheling coffee reveals its best taste. A complex blend of full-bodied, earthy flavor notes mixed with an herbal aroma profile. Sumatra Mandheling coffee beans are low in acidity, a perfect companion for sensitive-stomach people to consume on a daily basis.

Additional information

Cup Characteristic

Thick body, medium acidity, smooth texture. Peanut and dark chocolate with slight herbs and earthy hints. Diverse tropical notes and floral fragrance in the aroma.

Growing Altitude

1400 m


Dry-hulled, Semi-washed

Arabica Variety

Linie S 795


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