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Wallacea Coffee / Ijen Mountain Arabica Coffee/Java Blue Mountain

Ijen Mountain Arabica Coffee/Java Blue Mountain

$7,400.00 /MT

In 2013 Ijen Raung’s Java Arabica Coffee from Bondowoso received world recognition by obtaining an international certificate. This prompted the Regent of Bondowoso, Amin Said Husni, in 2016, to declare his district a “Coffee Republic”. In 2018, of the 3000 tons of Bondowoso Arabica coffee production, one third was able to be exported to the world market.

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This Java Blue Mountain coffee seed comes from Jamaica in the “Blue Mountain” mountainous area. The emergence of this type of coffee is thought to have been brought by the Dutch to Indonesia at that time. One of them is on the island of Java, namely on the slopes of Ijen Raung. This type of coffee is one of the rare varieties, not many farmers grow this type. But it turns out that this type of coffee has a unique taste and makes coffee connoisseurs look for it a lot. From several testimonials, Ijen Raung Arabica Coffee, the Blue Mountain variety, has a strong jasmine fragrance, sweet like sugar cane and juicy body.


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